Sometime we want what others have 

We want to see our guides and angels 

We want to hear our guides and angels

We are so busy wanting what others have

We miss that we are feeling our guides and angels

That little shiver when we ask for a sign 

That little breeze when there is no wind 

Stop searching and start listening

Are prayers are always 


We don’t choose who we love. We can chose a partner and love that person, but sometimes we meet someone and for no explicable reason you realise your in love and can’t explain why, even if asked . Not that you have fallen out of love with your partner but discover it is possible to love 2 people at the same time. Some may say this is a form of infidelity but you are doing nothing to hurt either person. The thought of letting go of either one of these people is like tearing your heart in half and ripping it out of your chest. So you would be the only one to be hurt. I know that the Divine did not put these people in your path for you to hurt, but for your  love and grow and shine
Much Love ~Mama D Angel~

Dear friends,

Have you ever wondered what the future has in store for you? Do you often wish that life came with a fast forward button, so that you could see into the future? Do you sometimes think, “boy, if I had seen that coming, I could have been better prepared?” 

That’s not surprising; most people have wondered those same things from time to time. Well, I’ve got great news for you. Through the power of the Tarot, you could find the answers that you seek, whether it is about your personal life, relationships, job opportunities, more money, health and so forth. In fact, kings and presidents have relied on information provided by the Tarot for centuries. Often making important decision about policy based upon information gathered from their card readings.

I, Mama D Angel, am an intuitive, Reiki practitioner, and Angel Card Reader. I channel energy using my guides and angels, to assist me in providing you with messages of Divine light and love. I can help you unlock the mysteries that lie before you. I have helped many people to achieve their goals and to be better prepared for what lies ahead in their future. Let me help you in gaining insight into your present situations, to provide clarity about your circumstances, or to illuminate your path. I will be going on vacation soon, and I am feeling very generous and grateful. 

For a limited time, I will do a very special three card Angel Reading- just for you! These cards highlight your past, present, and FUTURE! But you must act now, as I can only offer this for a limited time. My fees are very competitive, but for a limited time, I will slash two-thirds off my already low price. And, as an added bonus, you if act within the next 24 hours, you will also receive a 4th card absolutely FREE!

Here’s what others have said:

“Hello. I just read it [your message]…what a great reading and I thank you from the bottom of my heart…I’m so blessed to have found you. Thank you!”~A.G

“This morning, I received an Angel Card reading from Mama D Angel and it was dead on right. I also happen to know this woman is a true human Angel. She has been very giving and kind with her time and gifts. Thanks again Mama D. You are such a good Mama to the world.” ~S.R

“Thank you Mama D for your wonderful angel reading. I was one of the people who won a reading – to my surprise! The reading was very uplifting and encouraging and just what I needed right now!” –DMB

“I was one of those people who was possibly facing a layoff. Worry, had me not sleeping well and my appetite had been growing poorer by the day. I consulted Mama D, and after reading for me, she assured me that I would not lose my job, and might even see a raise. I was skeptical but thanked her. To my amazement, weeks later, it happened just like she predicted. I didn’t lose my job and I will be receiving a pay increase in September. Boy was I surprised! I now sleep so much better and my appetite has increased. (Maybe too much, lol). Her fee was a small price to pay for the added peace of mind I received. I could have been stressed for months on end. I highly recommend Mama D’s services to anyone.” –LF

“What a very beautiful Lady you truly are. Over the last 6 months or so since we have met, you have helped me open up and see the true beauty that resides in this world. You offered your Reiki healing butterflies to Drake via long distance healing on many occasions when Drake was sick in hospital and I cannot thank you enough for your time and generosity. The beauty of young children is they have wonderful imagination. So many times I have seen Drake’s face light up with joy even though he had been so sick at the time. I definitely believe that you have played a huge part in Drake’s healing and I cannot thank you enough. Reflecting off what I could see Drake seeing opened me up on such a deeper level to the world of healing. I have always felt like Drake was brought into my life as a sick little Bubba so I could learn how to embrace my gifts as a healer. And I believe also you came into my life for the same reason to reflect and learn from what we give and receive from each other and from within.”~ R.W.

Won’t you let me help you? For a limited time, I am offering my full services to you at an incredible savings. Normally I must charge $45 dollars for an Angel Card Reading, but for the next two weeks, I will make this offer available to you for just $15. That’s right just $15, PLUS if you act within the next 24 hours, I will also include a 4th card absolutely FREE! Many times, a 4th card in a reading adds more insight and clarity, but I will offer this special card to you FREE but you must ACT NOW!
I value your privacy, and as such will only honor requests for card readings through private messaging or email. Once I receive your message, I will forward a discrete site where you can pay confidently and securely. 

Please don’t miss out. While I’m on vacation and feeling blessed and generous, I will be able to offer you this special price. But after August 17th, 2013, I must remove my offer. So, to recap, I’m offering two thirds off the price of my Intuitive Angel Card Readings, and a FREE extra card read exclusively just for you, if you contact me within the next 24 hours. Please private message me here for more details. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Much Love,
~Mama D Angel~