It is always too soon.
When you abandon us to sorrow in this world of passing dreams.
All we feel is grief although we sometimes think that nothing is exactly as it seems.
You stand in front of us with arms spread wide to offer an embrace,
But we are blind and cannot even see your loving face.
You are born again into a new reality and you have left this fleeting world behind, –
But we are blind and deaf and dumb, – there is no fault to which we won’t succumb.
You travel to a thousand worlds and try to share with us the wisdom that you find.
And though you call us softly in our dreams, –
The morning comes and we cannot remember what you said or what it means.

“The caterpillar lives in terror of his wings and all the changes that a new life brings.
The chrysalis awakens to a world of mystery and flight.
When your bright new dawn arises in its glory, – when your liberated spirit sings,
Then the only sorrow you will feel is for your loved ones who still struggle in the night.
There is no place for sadness in the world where spirits soars and angels sing”

“In our joyful world, – each heart is bare and all can see the love that’s beating there.
In this place beyond the reach of greed, – there is no loneliness and no despair.
There are lessons to be learned and choices still, – that we must make.
But every heart is free from fear and all the pain which follows in its wake.
Your heart is yearning now, but you will grieve no more, – when you awake.”

Patrick W Kavanagh