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Sometimes we have to stop and take a look at where we are 

What we are doing , why we are doing it.

Is it for ourselves for our personal growth 

If your can’t answer that question without hesitation

You may be out of balance with the true you

Go back to the beginning, go into your heart

Find that light that you started with

Fan the flame with self love

 You WILL find the true you.


A Mothers Support

As a child all he wanted to do was play

didn’t want school

he thought it was a

waste of time.

Now it is his choice to go back

he has a job

but still wants to do his year in HS

but others see it as a chance

for social connection.

Why am i the only one that supports him

that has confidence in him

i think naysayers and those who don’t say anything

will bring him down

Be strong man child

know that I love you and you

Are guided and supported by many in the spirit realm


I don’t understand

i am not going to try to figure it out

i am just going to accept

and rejoice

i feel calm and excited all at the same time

life is truly wonderful

especially the parts i don’t understand  Image


We meet many people in our lives

some will stay a long time in our hearts

some will be like the beautiful butterfly

they will flutter in land on your heart 

and fly off again to bring light to another 

don’t be sad rejoice 

you were blessed with their time

recognize that they left you with a gift 

you may not see that gift now

but one day you will and you will whisper 

Thank you Friend


i just did 2 readings  with new deck and 1 new layout

i put my heart into each and they are great

lets just hope the recipients can see themselves in the words

which i was guided to write from the cards that were givenImage

Sometime we want what others have 

We want to see our guides and angels 

We want to hear our guides and angels

We are so busy wanting what others have

We miss that we are feeling our guides and angels

That little shiver when we ask for a sign 

That little breeze when there is no wind 

Stop searching and start listening

Are prayers are always 


We don’t choose who we love.
We can chose a partner and love that person, but sometimes we meet someone and for no explicable reason you realise you’re in love and can’t explain why, even if asked .
Not that you have fallen out of love with your partner but discover it is possible to love 2 people at the same time.
Some may say this is a form of infidelity but you are doing nothing to hurt either person.
The thought of letting go of either one of these people is like tearing your heart in half and ripping it out of your chest.
So you would be the only one to be hurt.
I know that the Divine did not put these people in your path for you to hurt, but for your  love and grow and shine

Much Love ~Mama D Angel~