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I am what is inside not outside

I am my heart slowly beating to my day

I am my throat–thirsting

I am my stomach needing nourishment

I  am my mind–curious to the universe

I am my insides–they have needs,

I am my skin –soaking in the sun

I may be many things unseen

I am spirit

I am all things

~ Tom Ricklefs ~


My Heart

When i don’t hear from you

My heart aches

When i don’t see you

My heart aches

When you smile

My heart skips a beat

When i see your eyes

My heart skips a beat

You are my heart

Absolute Silence

Wrapped in Silence’s soft embrace;
gentling trembling limbs,
soothing racing thoughts with its deep penetrating solace,
weaving through your mind with the skill of a consummate lover,
releasing tension and easing you back into the warm,
mindless drift that heralds sleep.
I value the silence of the pre dawn hours,
it is my confidante,
my counsel,
my friend.

My Heart

When my heart decides to love someone it is not a conscious choice i make
It just happens 

Beware though it does not take much to hurt this heart, for it has been damaged many times and the scars have never really healed properly

Whether  the wounds from the past are self-inflicted  or caused by another it matters not, the pain is still there 

To reopen those wounds sometimes does not take much,

So please be don’t judge me if i hurt, i will explain but if you cannot or will not understand the reason of the pain, it is your choice.


sacred inspirations

Where is the label ?? this was the most important question I heard in a recent thought provoking movie. An alien asked while being on earth – “how do we know where to find the label that God put on us .. how do we know which Company we belong to? Its amazing sometimes how these simple questions provoke your mind and allows you to “think outside the box”. There are no labels – just “us” fragments of the whole… our consciousness creates bubbles as we send our vibrations of our thoughts out there.

This alien was so confused as everywhere he went he heard something different … some say slaughter the cow… some say its sacred… some say take off your shoe to go inside the holy place … some say you can walk in with it… some say to bow your head down to the ground… others say…

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A Tarot-Based Prayer

Circle Ways & Evolutionary Tarot

I just listened to a recording of a teleseminar given last night by Jason Muck for the Gaian Tarot Circle. It was about using the tarot to create prayers. Below is one I created based on the Child of Air (pulled at random from the deck).

O Wingèd Young Ones,

You who kiss wide cloud-deck’d skies

with dulcet wonder;

grant us appreciation

for our multi-hued, multi-faceted,

multi-creeded, multi-loving species

that we may foster

the spaciousness of respect.

Blessed be.

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The Red Fox and Deer Lady....


We live in great anticipation, excitement and fear of the future. We want to know what lies in wait for us, can we hope to win the lottery, will my ex come back to me, will I get the job, lose the job, buy a house, get rid of my debts… countless and endless.
This is a fall-out of linear thought-model. Our subconscious duality paradigm is the known versus the unknown. Somewhere along the way, we have observed from our lives that our past is known to us, and the future appears unknown. And thus we pegged our conscious model of fear on the foundation of our subconscious model of survival. Past versus the future… just like known versus unknown.
The beginning of the week, nothing…. nothing out of the ordinary happens. Yet, subliminally, there is a shift happening. We have the opportunity to unpin ourselves from viewing our future…

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Sometimes we have to stop and take a look at where we are 

What we are doing , why we are doing it.

Is it for ourselves for our personal growth 

If your can’t answer that question without hesitation

You may be out of balance with the true you

Go back to the beginning, go into your heart

Find that light that you started with

Fan the flame with self love

 You WILL find the true you.

A Mothers Support

As a child all he wanted to do was play

didn’t want school

he thought it was a

waste of time.

Now it is his choice to go back

he has a job

but still wants to do his year in HS

but others see it as a chance

for social connection.

Why am i the only one that supports him

that has confidence in him

i think naysayers and those who don’t say anything

will bring him down

Be strong man child

know that I love you and you

Are guided and supported by many in the spirit realm


I don’t understand

i am not going to try to figure it out

i am just going to accept

and rejoice

i feel calm and excited all at the same time

life is truly wonderful

especially the parts i don’t understand  Image